Whilst the majority of entry fees go towards the cost of hosting such mass participation events, any profits made go to Muscular Dystrophy UK. You can make a donation below to make a direct contribution to the charity and see some examples on how your donations can help.


  • £16 would ensure parents of a newly diagnosed child get accurate information, vital advice and the support they need via our Freephone helpline service.
  • £48 could enable us to get access for an individual or families, to a specialist physiotherapist who can show them the valuable muscle-stretching techniques that could keep them or their child, walking for longer.
  • £150 would give young people living with muscular dystrophy a chance to participate in Trailblazers - a group of young disabled people drawing attention to and helping to solve, the everyday discrimination they face in life; and supporting each other to live more fully and independently.
  • £691 could provide home device control units, to enable adults with progressive muscle-wasting conditions retain their independence for longer.
  • £1500 would enable us to make a significant contribution towards the cost of a child's powered wheelchair; and enable us to signpost families to further financial support.
  • £5000 could fund a month of pioneering research into the causes of and treatments for progressive muscle-wasting conditions.